Extended Hospital Care
Heart to Heart

Here are some helpful suggestions for families with loved ones in the hospital.

a Don’t sign anything without carefully reading every detail.                                                       a Ask plenty of questions and be aware of everything. Doctors and nurses make mistakes. Don’t hesitate to question, suggest, correct, or refuse treatments and procedures.                                a Love and care are critical to recovery; therefore, schedule family and friends so there is always someone with the patient during visiting hours.                                                                           a Whether conscious or not, read God’s Word to them, sign hymns, pray out loud, caress, and talk to them.                                                                                                                             a We had KSIV radio playing between visiting hours.                                                              a Jon’s sister, Ann, had each of us make colorful flowers from construction paper and place our picture in the center. We taped these to the wall.                                                                       a Ann also brought in a calendar for us to sign in each visit so we knew who came and as a keepsake for Su after recovery.                                                                                                a Massage the patient’s body with lotion.                                                                                 a Dab Vaseline on dry lips.                                                                                                       a Place a cool washcloth on fevered foreheads.                                                                       a If they look uncomfortable, move them by pulling on the pad beneath them.                           a Surprise your kids with gifts, a family video, a family activity.… Day after day, week after week gets long, tedious, and stressful on everyone, especially the children, so remember to bring some sunshine home with you.                                                                                                   a Leave lists for the kids balancing household responsibilities and fun activities. Besides helping get things accomplished, lists help redirect focus and make the time go faster. ©